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Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT’s National Vulnerability Database CVE-2021-32729
PUBLISHED: 2021-07-01

XWiki Platform is a generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it. A vulnerability exists in versions prior to 12.6.88, 12.10.4, and 13.0. The script service method used to reset the authentication failures record can be executed by any user with Script rights a…

PUBLISHED: 2021-07-01

An issue exists within Akkadian Provisioning Manager 4.50.02 which allows attackers to view sensitive information within the /pme subdirectories.

PUBLISHED: 2021-07-01

An issue exists within the SSH console of Akkadian Provisioning Manager 4.50.02 which allows a low-level privileged user to escape the web configuration file editor and escalate privileges.

PUBLISHED: 2021-07-01

IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture (IBM Datacap Navigator 9.1.7) is vulnerable to SQL injection. A remote attacker could send specially crafted SQL statements, which could allow the attacker to view, add, modify or delete information in the back-end database. IBM X-Force ID: 191045.

PUBLISHED: 2021-07-01

IBM Datacap Fastdoc Capture (IBM Datacap Navigator 9.1.7 ) is vulnerable to cross-site scripting. This vulnerability allows users to embed arbitrary JavaScript code in the Web UI thus altering the intended functionality potentially leading to credentials disclosure within a trusted session. IBM X-Fo…